A prayer for Mothering Sunday

Lord God,
Your mother-like love for us is so special that we are scarcely able to believe it, let alone receive it. We give thanks today for our mothers and their care for us, and we also give thanks for those who have been like mothers to us, offering us nurture and care throughout our lives.

We celebrate the fact that the roots and pattern for this love are found in you.

All love comes from you, so we pray that you will inspire and strengthen us to become mother-like in our concern for others.

Help us to pass on the best advice to our children and to others, and may we draw strength and inspiration from your Easter sacrifice, to become those who lay down their lives for others.

We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Prayers for others focussing on the Gospel

Light of the world, we pray for those who suffer prejudice because of any kind of disability – physical, emotional, social or mental: help us to recognise our prejudices and to treat all people equally.
Open our eyes that we might see.

We pray for all who work for a fairer and more just society, where all can be free to live, no matter what their circumstances.
Open our eyes that we might see.

We pray for all who walk in darkness, with no light and little hope: may they know the joy that only you can bring.
Open our eyes that we might see.

Heal those who mourn, suffering loss and sadness; those who are alone, rejected by family and friends; those who are outcasts in our society. Lord, show us how to be instruments of your healing.
Open our eyes that we might see.

We pray for those named on our prayer board and everyone in any kind of distress in these difficult times.
We pray for Ken Bamberough who died on Tuesday and his family as they mourn his passing.
We rember too Terry Dear and Frederick Thompson whose anniversary of death falls at this time.
Lord, show us how to be bring comfort to those in need.
Open our eyes that we might see. Amen.